Back to the climbing basics

My doctor reminded me that my feet and lower extremities are for bearing weight and my upper extremities and hands are for balance the other day at my appointment with him. This was in response to my wrist being quite sore the other day after climbing. “But…what would I know? I haven’t climbed in years.” Well, Doc, you know what you’re talking about — that’s what you know! You didn’t die climbing outdoors, so you must have been doing something right! The Doc is right. It takes a little reminding sometimes to pay attention to the basics when we’re working projects and thinking we’re beyond all that. The truth is that we’re never beyond the basics. The basics are fundamental for a reason. They are the solid foundation you need for any advanced technique or project. I haven’t been climbing even as long as I think I have. I had that motor vehicle accident in the middle of everything and had to take time off from climbing. To tell you the truth, I’m still trying to re-establish my routine. It’s hard, not because I don’t want to, but because I have an injury to rehabilitate and that comes with limitations that I’m not used to having. It’s frustrating and sometimes maddening, but that’s reality. I can rail against the situation all I want, but it doesn’t change the situation for the better. So I do what I can every day and that has to be enough. The basics are absolutely essential. If you haven’t focused on the basics lately, take a day and do the basics. You might be surprised at what you find out!

One thought on “Back to the climbing basics

  1. So true! The basics are essential. I’m climbing tomorrow with a friend but my tendons have been messing with me so I think I’ll have to climb 4s and 5s instead of trying to project 6as-6cs. It’ll be a very basics focused sesh.

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