New Solutions

New Solutions this morning — the La Sportiva variety. My climbing gym, to their credit, is officially selling La Sportiva Solutions now! And, miracles do happen, they had my size. I took the opportunity and applied my store credit toward the purchase of a fine new pair of these quality climbing shoes. I had forgotten how stiff and tight a new pair of Solutions can be, so I spent a half an hour going through some necessary pains in beginning the break-in period and process with these new gems. I walked around in them, stretched in them, and kept them on my feet as long as I could until I couldn’t take it anymore, then shed them and set them aside to talk to a nurse friend of mine who is a great climber. She’s always pleasant to talk to. She always lets me know that she’s there for me if I need a belay. That’s really cool. I was going to go to Vehicle Reg this morning, but decided I’m going to tackle that tomorrow because I don’t feel like doing it today. I just have to renew my registration and get my tags, but parking is such a hassle at the courthouse that I just dread going over there for anything. So I’m going to lunch with a good friend and then going back to the climbing gym for a second round of Solution break-in and actual wall time. I have a lot more confidence in the La Sportiva Solutions than in most other climbing shoes. Definitely one pair I must have in my quiver.

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