Missed climbing in my jiu-jitsu pants today

I missed climbing today, but I wasn’t feeling my best. The bus load of kids that pulled up to the gym just as I was getting there didn’t help my already shaky motivation. I turned around in the cul-de-sac and kept driving when I saw all those kids going into the gym. I don’t do well in crowds anywhere, especially at the climbing gym. Hopefully they had a good time, though. I went out to my mom’s house and took a much-needed nap. I felt somewhat better after my nap and decided to experiment with the new rubber gecko stamp that my friend Claudia got me yesterday. She was kind enough to give me some of her old ink pads, too! The stamp is so I can mark my books with something unique. It’s great! I still have quite a few books to stamp, and quite a few colors of stamp pads to try out, too! I identify with geckos, and this one seems uniquely me. I like it a lot. I’m still wishing I had gotten to go climbing today, though. I got my jiu-jitsu uniform yesterday and my mom washed it last night for me so I could try out my new “climbing pants” today. Didn’t happen. Kind of bummed, but I’m shooting for tomorrow morning to try them out. They’re too long, for sure, and I’m going to have to roll up the pant legs, but once I find the right length, I’ll cut them off and get them hemmed or something. That way, I should end up with the perfect climbing pants!

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