Worked on slopers this morning

I’m not good at slopers. I’ve never been good at slopers. I decided this morning, though, that I was going to make up a V1+ problem with slopers and bad feet to force myself to use both my technical footwork and the slopers (yes, with both hands, injured and non). I managed to hold a double sloper move with bad feet without falling off the wall! I was so excited! That’s the feeling I used to get all the time whenever I’d climb — it was so good to have that old, familiar feeling back! It was exciting and electric and got my blood pumping and raised the hairs on my neck. It was great! I had to focus on my breathing and on control and on the next move, all in the moment. That is climbing at its finest and best. Flowing in the moment. I threw some pinches into that problem, too, and found that they weren’t as difficult as they have been. Maybe it was just my outlook by that point, but sometimes we need just a little tiny success to make the session really go for us. That was my tiny little success for the day. I pulled off of some other tricky holds and moves too, but the slopers were the highlight of my climbing session this morning. Now my injured paw is quite sore, but not in a re-injury sense. More in the sense that I used some muscles and sinews in positions that haven’t been attempted under pressure in quite some time. I’m really feeling it, but rehab isn’t supposed to be fun, I hear. We’ll find out.

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