Bought a jiu-jitsu uniform

It should be here any day now…the jiu-jitsu uniform that I bought for climbing. All I actually need are the pants, but they don’t sell those separately anywhere that I could find online, but I’m going to find a use for the jacket as well. For some reason, I can’t find any of my old judogis, or I’d use the pants from a set of those for climbing. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to move better and have more freedom while still being able to see my feet while climbing in these pants once they arrive. I might have to get them tailored a bit, but that’s going to be part of the experiment. Once I get the fit dialed, I think I’m going to like them, as far as climbing goes. As clothing to climb in goes, the jiu-jitsu pants should be a good fit for the job. My mentor and friend Lou suggested them to me last summer when we climbed together. He was giving me some tips and his last one at the time was, “…And get rid of those pants.” He wasn’t much on my cargo pants for climbing. “You need to get some karate pants or something,” Lou counseled me. Great idea! I had thought of climbing in my judogi pants before, but that was when I still knew where they were, and I had not yet done it. I’m really looking forward to getting these jiu-jitsu uniform pants and seeing how they work on the climbing gym walls. I’m thankful that I caught a uniform sale online, because they aren’t cheap for a decent set! Like I said, I’ll find some uses for the stray jackets, too, but the pants are going to be a welcome addition to my climbing arsenal. Let the games begin!

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