Still suffering from that nasty bug

I’m getting tired of being sick with this bug. I have a good day or two, then it’ll hit me again for a day, then I’ll be okay for a day, and then another bad day with it. This has gone on long enough that I think I might need some antibiotics, and that means going to the doctor. I was really trying to avoid that, but I fear that the virus has given way to a bacterial infection and that could go on forever if untreated. Then there’s the fact that I don’t like being sick and I’m tired of it! I might have to wait until Thursday to go to the VA, though, because I’m going to have to go in as a walk-in, and that takes a while. I’d go on Monday, but it’s a holiday, and Tuesday, I have my weekly appointment with my psychiatrist. As a walk-in at the VA Clinic, I could be there most of the day waiting, so Tuesday won’t work. On Wednesdays, the VA staff members have meetings that last until 1000 hrs, and walk-in patients are hard to fit in on those days. So it’s looking like Thursday is the first real opportunity I’m going to have to get in and be seen by a doctor. It’s not that bad, but I do worry about spreading it to others. Today will be the third Sunday in a row that I’ve missed Sacrament meeting because I’m sick. I haven’t even been to church in 2020 yet! My energy has been low, too, so I know that that, along with the stuffy nose, the sneezing, and the cough, doesn’t say, “Hey, I’m perfectly healthy!” to anyone. Like I said, I don’t want to spread it. There are a lot of very young people and much older people at church, and I would feel very bad if I gave someone this bug. That can be avoided. So, today is kind of a bad day with the bug, and I’m doing some artwork to pass the time. I’m not real sick, but those pesky symptoms that I just described are all present. Oh, well. It could be so much worse! Uh-oh…gotta sneeze…

2 thoughts on “Still suffering from that nasty bug

  1. I really like that your responsible enough to not go round spreading it. Nothing I hate more. My body keeps on threatening to come down with the winter lurgey but touch wood.
    Feel better soon!


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