Climbing, artwork, writing, and blogging

I’ve been quite busy trying to keep myself busy these last few days, or rather to keep my thoughts busy. Reading hasn’t been very successful because I can’t concentrate well enough to do much of it, but I did have quite the creative streak going this past Thursday that allowed me to write another short story about Silas. Yesterday, I was fresh out of ideas for writing again, but was so incredibly thankful for climbing and the opportunity to do so. The problem was my injured paw. It wasn’t cooperating at first, which blew my confidence, and then I got frustrated. Frustration shit me down yesterday — I admit it. I helped another climber send her problem by encouraging her and that was about the only good I did at the climbing gym yesterday. I was disappointed in myself. I need to read Maximum Climbing by Eric Hörst again or dig into my outdoor climbing guides to plan a trip again. Something! I had drawn a picture of Silas in my sketchbook on Thursday as well. Thursday was an extremely productive day for me! Yesterday, not so much, haha. Yesterday was an excellent day for blogging, though! Not a total loss by any means.

So. Today. What will today bring? Well, I’l most likely shower, might go climbing, will definitely blog, should try to write and do some artwork, and perhaps something that remains yet a mystery to me will come along. I refilled my prescription medication box yesterday, so I don’t have to go to the city today if I don’t want to. In other words, I have a day that I can relax with, if I can just get the relaxation part of my brain working, that is. Tomorrow, I have Sacrament meeting at Church, and then Sunday School if I feel well enough. I’m still battling this virus ever so slightly and don’t want to spread it. I can hardly stay awake, so I may take a nap. Now. Or perhaps I should wait. I don’t know. Updates pending…

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