Prelude to the alpine start

So there are all those things that have to get done in the morning before you get to start on your alpine start. You know, those silly morning chores like waking up, becoming conscious enough to move responsibly, and doing the rest of the morning chores that need attention? An example from my own experience this morning. I’m taking care of my mom’s house and animals while she’s babysitting my nephews in the neighboring city and staying in the city because the weather has been temperamental these last few days. She gets much more sleep and it’s much safer for her to stay in the city when she’s babysitting several days in a row and all of us kids would prefer it that way. Safer is better. Anyway, I woke up at 0357 hrs, since my alarm was set for 0400 hrs, naturally. I laid there for a moment making sure my nightmare was over (it was a hellish one this morning), then threw off the covers and sat up suddenly in a cold sweat, breathing very hard. I checked the time, then got out of bed, turned the light on, and made my way to the bathroom to wash my face off, among other things. I returned to my bedroom to put my socks, pants, and shoes on, then walked into the living room. “Cats,” I thought. I fed and watered the cat out on the porch and then the cats out front. With frozen water in both places, it was an extra trip in and out of the house through both the front and the back doors. Once the kitties were taken care of, I had some milk with powdered vitamin and mineral supplements in it. It was somewhat chocolate flavored and tastes okay. Okay, time to sit down and take stock of what I need to do today. I need to, first and foremost, go climbing. Second, I need to refill my prescription medication box today. Third, I need to check and see if anything on my vehicle registration renewal is coming in the mail for me today. That’s getting to be a pressing issue. I remote-started my truck to get it warmed up while I put together what I needed to take to the city with me today, then made sure the little things were taken care of, like turning the furnace down, shutting some of the lights off, etc., before finally hauling my stuff out to my truck and locking the door behind me. Okay. Ready to drive to the climbing gym! All of that only took an hour and ten minutes… The trip to the climbing gym takes about a half an hour if you drive reasonably. I drove reasonably. So now, I’m just waiting for the climbing gym to open. Congratulations! Alpine start about to commence! You see what I mean about getting ready for your alpine start in the morning, though. Not so easy sometimes, depending on what you have to do to get out of the house and to the climbing gym or the crag or the mountain or wherever you’re going for your adventure. Lots of prep time involved, and I respect that! It’s all a prelude to the alpine start. Now go climbing!

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