Ode to those who aren’t bashful

You find all sorts of people climbing. Some of them definitely need some help with their climbing attire. I’m one of them. You know what, though? Those folks who have t-shirts that are too tight or show their gut when they reach up or have their crack showing by the end of their ascent give me a lot of confidence, and I’m all about cheering them on because they’re out there climbing. They’re doing it — living the dream, getting in shape, taking some risks, having a good time — and they’re not bashful about it. Nobody really cares about that stuff. It’s the experience of climbing that matters the most. At least, that’s what matters to me. Like I said, I need some serious help with my climbing attire. I know that. I’m thinking of switching over to judogi pants for climbing. I think they’d be perfect because there’s plenty of room to move and you can still see your feet, unlike with many other styles of pants out there that are made for climbing. I’m overweight, so most of those don’t fit me, anyway. That leaves me climbing in baggy sweats, or more often, blue jeans. Neither are particularly suited to climbing and I’m very particular about my footwork. I pride myself on technical footwork, so it’s important that I be able to see my feet. I don’t know where to get just gi pants, though. I don’t need to buy the entire judogi. I just need the pants. I’m going to continue looking online. Someone online has to sell the gi pants separately! Until then, I will continue to recite my ode to those who aren’t bashful. Climb on!

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