Writing more about Silas

If you follow my blog, you may remember me publishing my short story (copyright 2019) A Demon’s Redemption. I’m now creating a group of short stories based on that short story and the characters in it, which I can hopefully turn into a book of short stories and get published someday. I started writing the second story this morning — a continuation of Silas’s misadventures and I think it’s going to be great, haha. I aim to put a lot of humor into my stories and make real points about life, good and bad, through my stories. I’m writing this second one out longhand first, so it’s going to be a bit before it hits my blog, but I’m hoping the anticipation will be worth the wait. My humor, as those of you who read the original short story can attest, can be and is at times politically incorrect. That’s by design, and if you’re offended by anything in my short stories, you may feel free to comment. As always, my intent is to make people think, not necessarily to offend. Sometimes people think better if they’re caught a little bit off-guard, though. Nothing personal. Well, back to my short story! Have a good day!

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