Rest day routine

Is there such a thing as a “rest day routine”? I would have to say that, for me, there is. It begins with sleeping in, which is an extraordinarily special thing if it happens, because I do have incredible troubles with my sleep patterns and the stars really have to align for me to be able to sleep, much less sleep in. So, let’s say that I sleep in until 0700 hrs. That’s at least four extra hours of time spent in bed! What a start to the day. I stretch and flop around in bed some, then finally get out from under the covers and make my way to the kitchen. Mmm..cereal sounds good. How about Homey Nut Cheerios? Yes! I grab a cottage cheese container and fill it with cereal, then float it with milk. Good to the last slurp. I take my meds now, if I haven’t already, then get dressed (not necessarily in a presentable manner). I like to dress comfy, but I’m not a person who would go out the door in my pajamas. Those of you who go to business meetings in your pajamas and slippers, we need to talk. Anyway, that’s not me. I’m dressed so that if someone stops by to visit, they know it’s definitely a rest day for me, but that I am indeed dressed, without question and we could go somewhere on a whim if we wanted to. I also dress for the inevitable emergency that someone’s going to have on my rest day. There’s a wide range of odd situations that are covered under that clause and I’m leaving it at that. I spend time reading my Scriptures, studying my Sunday School lesson, napping when I feel the urge, I look at my climbing guidebooks and plan wild adventures in my mind. Someday they’ll materialize. Someday.

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