Bouldered on the big wall today

I bouldered exclusively on the big wall on the main floor of my climbing gym today. It is difficult with my wrist injury due to the overhanging nature of most of the wall space, but not impossible. I was very careful with my injuries and managed to do some moves that would help to retrain my injured left paw to be able to (eventually) regain the ability to grasp underclings and pinches. This wall has merit in that it presents a challenge in its construction alone, and then the interesting problems set on the wall add to that in some fascinating ways. The cold weather today (9°F) is really giving my aches and pains a run for their money. Here’s a fun fact for you, though. Coffee, specifically caffeinated coffee with no cream or sugar or any other contaminants, counteracts the aches and pains of the statin that I’m on and acts as an analgesic. Now, seeing as drinking coffee is goes against the covenants I’ve made with God, this could seem like a big problem. I now have a doctor’s prescription for coffee that deems it medically necessary as an analgesic so that I should be able to keep my Temple Recommend and good standing in the Church. What does all of that have to do with climbing? Less pain, more climbing. Less mental and spiritual anguish, more enjoyable climbing. Get it? I thought you would. We are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual creatures, and all of those aspects have to be working in tandem to produce feelings and experiences. We all want good feelings and experiences, don’t we? Of course we do! That’s why climbing is so important to me, and this blog is important to me, too. Climbing and writing are two outlets for me to express myself — one is very physical/mental and the other is very mental/emotional. Both are very spiritual, believe it or not. Climbing is definitely something I can’t live without, and telling others about my experiences is important to me as well. I like to think that I can touch a life here and there through both activities, and if I only improve one life through either or both, that would be more than enough for me. So I hope that someone can find inspiration, knowledge, or hope in my experiences that are shared on this blog. If you’re suffering fro an injury, don’t lose hope, no matter what kind of injury it is. Work with it. Accept it. Then overcome it. You can do it. It doesn’t matter if the injury is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. It can be overcome. It’s going to take work and determination and perseverance on your part, but know I’m always rooting for you. You have at least one other person on earth on your side who believes in you. Go after those dreams! Tackle the big wall!

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