Finance day, January 2020

This sounds very official, and it is…at least at my mother’s house. Today, my mom helped me, as she does every month, to figure out my finances in order to more effectively reduce my debt in a shorter period of time so that the interest charged is less on said debts. As long as my credit cards stay home when I leave the house, there is a minimal amount of shaming that has to be endured around the fifth of every month when we do this. Let’s just say the credit cards “wandered a bit” during December of 2019 and the shaming was appropriate today…in large doses. So December was a good month for the credit card companies and the banks that issued them to me, and I effectively lost the battle with the interest accrual and money owed last month. This month will be better. It has to be. I have $21.94 left in my checking account as of writing checks to cover all of that this morning. It’s a good thing that it takes snail mail a few days to get to its destination. Enough said. Anyway, I’m digging my way out of consumer debt month-by-month, and with every transaction passed up, slowly, but surely. It will take a few years, but I will persevere!

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