Stricken with a cold virus

I was up most of the night with the beginnings of what would turn into a raging cold virus by mid-morning, with significant stuffiness in my sinuses and the virus making its way into my upper chest by mid-afternoon. This is causing a nasty cough. I chose not to share my illness with the world and declined an invitation to a Church conference today. I was really looking forward to hanging out with my friend, but I didn’t want to make her sick. I went and got some severe cold and cough medicine and mixed it in a small amount of cold water from a vending machine at Walmart, along with having a water chaser handy. It was a good thing I had a chaser for the concentrated brew because I would’ve lost my lunch without it! It was SO bad! Ugh. It did, however, treat most of my severe symptoms and provide a great deal of relief within a very short amount of time. Caffeine took care of the headache and body aches, remarkably enough. The problem lies in the fact that drinking coffee — the source of the caffeine I ingested — is against the covenants I have made with God. It also makes me unworthy to enter the Temple. That’s a huge problem. I know that it may sound odd, or even trivial, but to me it isn’t in the least. I have to repent and find a different way to deal with this problem. Hmmm…

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