New Year’s Eve alone

It’s been a relaxing day so far. I had my usual insomnia bouts last night, but since I really don’t have anything pressing to do today, I have taken a couple of naps between tasks. I read through and noted questions to ask and highlights to hit for my Church lesson two weeks from now. That’s good. Now I can let that sit for a couple of days and then revisit it to get more inspiration as to what to really focus in on. There’s a lot of material in the talk that I’m teaching from, so we’re going to have to concentrate our efforts. Fortunately, it’s all based on one section of scripture, so that tightens things up a bit as far as putting this lesson together. The supporting scriptures can always be used if we wind the lesson too tight and have extra time, which hasn’t happened to me yet. I have approximately 45 minutes to teach lessons that I could easily make into lessons twice that long if we wanted to cover everything that I receive revelation and inspiration on. That 45 minutes is jam-packed with talks that are not nearly as jam-packed as this talk itself is! This one could turn out to be very interesting. We’ll see what direction it goes when I begin teaching it on 12 Jan 2020. I just returned from the neighboring town, which I drove to in order to get a bite to eat. My mom won’t be home until later on tonight, and I was craving Taco Bell, so I got one of their five-dollar boxes to enjoy sans sour cream. Nothing against folks who like sour cream, but I just don’t care for it. A little bit is okay. A lot is not. That’s just me, though. So here I am at my mom’s house again, getting ready to enjoy the second half of my New Year’s Eve day alone getting things done. The climbing gym is going to be having their “Climb Under The Lights” event tonight, but I’m not going. The wind is supposed to blow 70 mph tonight, and I don’t want to deal with that or drunk drivers. I’ll watch the big ball drop in New York City on TV, then decide whether I want to stay up until midnight or not. I don’t drink, so I’m not anticipating anything wild happening here at mom’s house, haha! Only the wind…

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