Resting today

Christmas is exhausting! The day after Christmas is spent catching up on everything that didn’t get done on Christmas. Today is the day after the day after Christmas, when I get to unwind a bit. It also happens to be Friday this year. This is the last Friday of the decade, by the way. It is a very special Friday indeed because I even took a mid-morning nap today, which is something I never get to do. I don’t know what makes that special, but it sounded good, right? What would’ve sounded better was if I had just initially rolled out of bed at 1030 hrs in the morning, but I have horrible insomnia and sleeping in for me is 0500 hrs, if I ever make it that long. I have declared today a day of resting for myself, regardless. I’m tired today, have low energy, and am not feeling the best, so I’m thinking that rest would help me fight off any viruses that are lurking and ready to strike. Hopefully I will get some writing done, along with some artwork. I’m even hopeful for a shot at another nap today!

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