Christmas Eve Day

Given that Christmas is smack dab in the middle of most people’s work-week (at least those who wear suits to work and government employees), it’s difficult to gauge what’s open and what’s not today. I should get a haircut today for Christmas Dinner at my brother and sister-in-law’s tomorrow, but I don’t know if the haircut place is open or for how long today. I have to get my prescription medication from the VA today as well, and I can’t pick that up until 1100 hrs. Hopefully I can get those two things done and then see if I can drop a card off to my Bishop and his family, if they’re not busy. Another call/text to make. I need to e-mail some folks and tell them that their Christmas cards won’t be there until the New Year or after because the outfit that prints my cards for me is behind due to the holidays and volume of business this time of year. I had them ordered, but I ended up with a typo. Completely my fault. Don’t order custom cards when you’re groggy and make sure you have your glasses on if you wear them. Anyway, it’s the thought that counts. The thought will be delayed (no jokes in poor taste concerning my intelligence, please), but it’ll get there. I woke up at 0241 hrs this morning and then took over an hour’s nap at my brother’s house because I just couldn’t think straight. So much for productivity so far today! It’s almost 0930 hrs and I’m just getting my blog post written. Usually, that is something I do between 0300 hrs and 0800 hrs, but today is just going to be one of those days with a bit of delay. Maybe something fantastic will happen today. Who knows. It’ll shape up and I’ll get through it. As long as I at least get my meds picked up from the VA, I’ll call it a success. Updates pending…

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