Trolls are a good sign

Well, my blog troll is back, spreading passive-aggressive and narcissistic cheer to himself through his commentary on my posts (though on a platform other than WordPress). He thinks he knows it all, poses as the guy that’s trying to be helpful while spinning it to make me look like an idiot chump, and always has to have the last word. I find his lack of cognizance interesting despite his own perceived intelligence. Clearly he doesn’t know how he comes off to others and embarrasses himself liberally, all while thinking he’s the one outwitting the rest of society. I feel bad for the troll, not even able to recognize his own inept attempts at tearing others down. He’s just doing his best to gain the attention that his narcissistic personality craves, and the power that he doesn’t have the wherewithal to create himself.

Trolls are a good sign though. Having a troll means you’re doing something right, because trolls don’t waste their time on things that aren’t popular and going places. What would be the point of trying to destroy something that isn’t a hit and never will be? Where’s the satisfaction in that? There is none. That’s why trolls attack successful endeavors. It’s the difference between destroying a paper airplane and a fighter jet. It challenges the troll to try to take down something that stands on its own two feet and has a broad following. Unfortunately, their efforts are twisted and misplaced, and can be dealt with as such and dispensed with easily when you know what to look for. Just be assured that the troll isn’t making statements about your work, but instead about their own inner turmoil, which they really should seek professional help for.

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