Took my mom to church this morning

I asked my mom about a month ago if she wanted to go to church with me today. She said she would and has been looking forward to it for the whole month. This morning, she got dressed up in her tan slacks, a grey long sleeve shirt, and a plaid vest that looked very flattering on her. She then came out wearing a really nice pair of shoes that complemented her outfit perfectly. They were my dad’s shoes from my older brother’s wedding over 30 years ago. She found them under the dresser, and they look great on her.

We arrived at the chapel early and the choir was practicing. I introduced my mom to quite a few people and everyone greeted her warmly. She really enjoyed the service. There were many musical numbers and they were all good. On the way back, we stopped at WalMart and got a few items we needed, then headed on home. My mom thanked me for taking her today.

I felt good about taking my mom to church. She told me that the church service had made it feel more like Christmas, which is a big plus. I’m glad I took her today. It was very special.

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