I’m in pain

Statins are no joke. I’m in pain. All because my cholesterol is hereditarily out of whack and I need a medication to control it. My entire body hurts. Not an ache or a pain here and there — I mean full-fledged, outright pain in all my joints, especially my damaged ones. I was really enjoying not being in this kind of pain all the time, but the statin is necessary because my cholesterol numbers were way up, considering I only took a five-week hiatus from the medication. Fortunately or unfortunately, I take after my dad’s side of the family when it comes to high cholesterol. My grandmother had it, my dad had it, and I have it. It is what it is. I can deal with pain. That’s not the issue. I just didn’t realize how much pain I was tolerating until I was off the statin for theses past five weeks. The wind is blowing like crazy, too, which always seems to make my joints hurt more and gives me a headache. Barometric pressure is real, too! I’m thankful for the medication that will keep my pipes clean longer, though, and will reduce my risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke in the long run. I just have to get back to climbing and walking every day despite the pain and remember that things could be a lot worse! At least I have access to the medication and healthcare I need, and I’m blessed to have the doctors that I have right now. So, overall, I’m thankful. Very thankful. I have climbing. What else do I need? 💪😎

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