The new Solution Comp climbing shoe

The new Solution Comp climbing shoe by La Sportiva is coming out 15 Jan 2020. I probably won’t get mine until April or May, but that’s beside the point. The new Comp model will have a ton of rubber on the top of the toe and a wrap heel instead of the molded cup heel for precision hooks. They are sticking with the Vibram XSGrip2 rubber for the sole and the fastening system looks to be the same as well. I can’t wait to try a pair of these out! I’m super excited that La Sportiva is trying a non-molded heel for these and I think it will make a great shoe even better, at least for hooking. I also like the ton more of rubber on the toe, also killer for hooking (potentially). I would rather get ahold of these shoes sooner than later, but I know anyone looking seriously at these shoes is waiting in line just like me. I’m hoping that I can get them unexpectedly soon!

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