Back on the rosuvastatin

I talked to my doctor yesterday and we looked at my lab numbers. Yep, total cholesterol and LDL (bad cholesterol) were up significantly, considering I’ve only been off the statin for about five weeks. My doctor told me that even though the tablets are coated, I can split them — that’s what he does — and so I’m back on the statin as of yesterday morning. It’s messing with my digestive system a bit, and the muscle and joint pain is coming back already after only two doses. I went to the climbing gym this morning, but didn’t get on the wall because I was having to stick close to the restroom. I did get to talk with several good buddies of mine, though, which was a mood booster. I wasn’t in a bad mood, but I was stressed by all that’s been going on lately and they helped with that. I ordered a pair of La Sportiva Solution Comp climbing shoes yesterday through my climbing gym. McKenzie said I might not see them until April or May, and I told her that was okay. That gives me time to save up for them. In short, the medication transition is kind of rough at a day and a half in, but hopefully it will resolve some as my body resets and gets used to the new statin. This particular statin is supposed to have the least severe muscle and joint pain side effects. We’ll see if I can tolerate it. I can tolerate a lot, so we’ll see how I feel day to day. My psychiatrist is worried that my physical pain will negatively affect my mental health, and with good reason — it does. Chronic pain can really affect a person’s mental health long-term, and I have enough challenges with my mental health just having Chronic PTSD and Recurrent Major Depression. Add chronic pain, and we could have even more issues. I can tolerate a lot, though, as I said before. I plan on climbing come Hell or high water! This aging, mental illness, and medication stuff isn’t for wimps, though, I can tell you that!

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