Blogging and climbing at 0600 hrs

I got up at 0400 hrs, waking from a strange and somewhat horrible dream that could have been both a memory and a premonition of sorts. I ate breakfast with my mom and then rode into the city with her. She dropped me off at my truck, and by that time, it was about right that I could hit the climbing gym right when it opened at 0600 hrs for some much-needed stress relief before my VA doctor’s appointment. So here I am at the climbing gym (the only soul here besides Sara, who is the sole employee working), writing my blog post and warming up. I’m trying to wake up enough to climb. I’m not lethargic, groggy, or asleep standing up, but I don’t have any oomph this morning, either. I kind of wonder if I’m coming down with something because I’m really stuffed up this morning. My sinuses aren’t happy at all this morning. Of course, the wind’s been blowing like crazy, too, so it could just be all the dust in the air, too. I’m not a fan of the wind and never have been. It messes with me. I really cannot explain that — it just is. It’s strange, but true. Some people are affected by the phases of the moon; I’m affected by the wind. I get through it as best I can, which is usually sub-par, even for me, but oh, well. I try. That’s the point. I still try to do something about it. Inaction altogether isn’t a good thing for me. My alpine start is legitimate as far as being present and accounted for, even if I’m blogging more than I’m climbing this morning. Blogging is valuable, too. As an at of expression, it relieves a lot of mental strain and anxiety — even depression at times — and allows me to function better knowing that I can and most likely have shared my thoughts with others who can then respond with their own perspectives and viewpoints. The “Likes” make my day, because I know someone went to the trouble and took the time to read and ponder my post, if only for the space of a few moments. Those things are important to me. Even the “Views” make my day because it means that others are potentially interested in what I have to say. Blogging is great! Thank you, Readers, for making my day every day!

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