Watching the news is depressing

I rarely watch television. This morning, I decided to turn on the news and watch it. Within the first few seconds of watching it, my church was attacked using an offensive slang term for its name as a headline. The story itself was of financial misconduct and deceiving church members about $100 billion worth of donations. The story included a call to strip the church of their tax-exempt status for one of their programs. What nobody mentioned is that my church actually pays taxes! Yes. You read that correctly. My church pays taxes. I don’t know of any other church that does. In short, this is why I don’t watch TV. The stories are incomplete, ignorant, ad inflammatory. They couldn’t even use the proper name of my church, showing a sloppy and/or prejudiced journalistic style. I was very disappointed.

I decided to continue to watch even though I was disgusted with the reporting and found myself feeling depressed. The depression followed the angry feelings I had about the skewed language and negative stories. No positive news stories were reported on. It seems to me that positive news should be just as important to report, if not more so, than all the negativity and conjecture in what I discovered was the “average” news story. I waited for the weather, watched it, and then turned off the television. I think I’m going to continue to look up the weather on my phone or iPad instead of wading through every depressing story in the news to get to it. NowI remember why I don’t watch TV.

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