Wrong assumptions about active people

I want to address some wrong assumptions about active people. First of all, as evidenced by my climbing gym never ordering any competition t-shirts larger than Unisex XL, not every athlete or active person is a skinny waif. There are some NFL-sized people that climb. There are also those who may not look like they’re fit enough to be climbing, but they do it every day. Take these people into consideration when you look around you. I’m one of them. I may not look like a pro climber, and I’m not. That doesn’t mean that I can’t become one or that I’m any less of a competitor or a climber. Outdoor clothing companies, take note of that! It would behoove you to not end your clothing size lines at XXL Modern Fit. Some of us need gussets. Some of us need room to move. Some of us aren’t the models in your online catalogs. We still need the outdoor clothing and gear, though. Some climbers have a size XXL or XXXL waist — make a harness for them, too. Whether they’re just larger people, or they need to get in shape, the only way they can climb and reach their goals (and buy your products) is if you make something that fits them. There are all kinds of people who would climb if the gear and clothing were made available to them in their sizes. Other companies that have figured it out end up getting the business, and climbers end up with gear and clothing that isn’t exactly ideal for their purposes. Why not accommodate all of the climbers in our community and stop restricting it to a capped Size XL Modern Fit comp t-shirt?

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