Too hot to handle

It’s funny what uncovering a furnace air return vent and vacuuming out the other vents can do for a house and the function of the furnace itself. Last night was a rough night. Why? Neither my husband nor I could sleep because it was actually too HOT down here in the basement! That has never happened in the 12 years we’ve been living here. So, my husband, at 0445 hrs this morning, went upstairs to find the thermostat and adjust it downward a few notches. If I wasn’t so tired, I’d think it was funny! We actually stripped down to our undergarments down here and were still too hot. Normally, we’re bundled up in several layers of clothing year-round to fend off the basement chill that we always feel. I guess we’re just so used to being layered up that we don’t know how to handle actually being warm. (shrug)

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