A follow-up to the P-O-O-P post

The last rant on poop was about dog poop in the city. Now I’d like to address the crag and the trails leading up to the crag. I’m seeing more and more poop along trails in natural areas and at the bases of the crags that I frequent. Some of it is dog poop. Like I said in the previous post on poop, clean up after your animal. The thing that is more disgusting and disturbing, though, is that I’m running across and occasionally stepping in, well, human poop, complete with toilet paper. This is absolutely unacceptable. There is one crag that I frequent and for the last six years, there is an area at this particular crag known for its potential as a secluded place to poop. The result, on a hot day in July, is a poop-filled, toilet-paper-strewn, smelly, fly-infested mini-cave waiting to greet you at this crag now. It also happens to be National Forest Service Land. Honestly, I get it — sometimes we climbers drink some bad water and have an emergency coming that we need a quick evac point to take care of it. I can’t fathom, however, not having an emergency of some sort and pooping in the middle of a trail or at the base of a route. That’s just gross! So, climbers, hikers, and outdoor-types, pick up your poop or dig an appropriate cathole to make sure we keep our climbing, hiking, and natural areas clean and sanitary. Picking up your dog’s poop is important, too. Nothing makes me madder than stepping in poop at the crag. So, please, for the rest of us, clean up after yourself. If everyone is working to keep our environment clean, then the world is a better place for it. Those efforts are never wasted. Just pick up your waste!

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