I’m tired of having to watch for it constantly everywhere I go and I’m certainly fed up with stepping in it. I don’t live on a farm. I live in the largest city in Montana and our dog owners can’t even pick up their dogs’ poop when they take them for a walk. Let me make it clear: if you own a dog, part of owning that dog is cleaning up after it. That includes, of all things, poop. I don’t own a dog for one reason, and it’s because I don’t want to clean up dog poop. So, what makes you think I want to clean up someone else’s dog poop? Now, as not to over-generalize and to be fair, I know many dog owners who clean up their dogs’ poop when they take them for walks. I applaud you if you’re one of them, and I encourage you to continue caring for your animal properly. Thank you for following the law and being a good citizen and a solid pet owner. To those of you who don’t clean up your dogs’ poop while on walks, especially if you don’t even live in my area but come and walk your dog in my area so that it can poop and you don’t think you have to pick it up, PICK IT UP. Not picking up your dogs’ poop is both disgusting and unsanitary for the rest of civilization, which I belong to. If you can’t handle picking up dog poop, then get rid of the dog. It’s pretty simple, really, if you think about it. This is your only warning if you are one of these individuals. From now on, if I catch your dog pooping in front of my house and you don’t pick it up, I’ll both call police dispatch to report you and return your dog poop to you. Enough said. Make it happen.

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