Knowledge is power

In America, we have these commercials that have the tag line, “The More You Know”, after a celebrity of some sort gives a short example. They’re cool commercials. Do you know why? For once, they’re marketing truth! Famous people are telling us on our prime time TV advertising that we should learn as much as we can. Isn’t that amazing? Now, the sad part is that you won’t find the truth easily, especially by watching the national news, but the BBC does a decent job of getting things straight as far as world news goes and that’s on our Public Broadcasting System (PBS) channels, thankfully. Those channels are still put out as free signals that anyone can pick up.

So the more you know, the better off you’ll be. Knowledge is power. I couldn’t agree more, whether that knowledge pertains to climbing or legal proceedings or medicine or whatever in the world you’re interested in. You and I need to be and stay informed, especially in today’s fast-paced world full of pitfalls and overwhelming regulation of just about everything. Just think about all the average person needs to be informed about just to fill out their tax forms every year. Many people can’t do it, and thus a market for filling out and filing taxes for people is born. There’s a business for every task that you and I perform in life, ready to gladly take your money for their services. Just don’t let anybody else think for you, okay? Get informed, gain knowledge, and then make your own decisions in life. It’s much more satisfying that way. Trust me.

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