At the Ford Service Department

I fueled up my truck at the corner gas station right off the Interstate before pulling in at the front parking lot of the Ford dealership. I drove to the Service Department bay door and parked because I was early. It was a few minutes before 0700 hrs. A fellow that I went to school with works in the Service Department and I was pleasantly surprised to see him inside getting things ready early. Tom is a good guy. He’s always on top of things and reminds me of my older brother. He had me pull into the service bay and we discussed the problem that I was experiencing with my truck. It happens to be that my driver’s seat seatbelt isn’t registering with the system when I buckle it and this problem occurred when it was rather frigid a few days ago. Of course, the minute I made the appointment with the mechanic, the problem stopped, but it has been warmer these last few days, too. There could be a host of things wrong, ranging from simple to complex, but I know that Laurel Ford’s Service Department can find the problem. Fortunately, my truck is only a year old, so all the warranties are in place. It should be manageable. If it’s not, then I’ll have to dig into my savings, but I’m thankful to have the peace of mind that Laurel Ford is working on it. They’ve always been good to me and my vehicles. I’ve been a customer of theirs since 1996, so I’ve had time to get to know them pretty well. They’re good folks and if I’m still a customer of theirs after all this time, it means they’ve got a great track record. Updates pending…

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