Riding the bike

I went to the climbing gym this morning and visited with one of my friends for a bit to catch up, then decided to warm up on the stationary bike in order to assess the condition of my body today. I’m stiff, and had an incredibly rough day yesterday, so I don’t feel very well today. Doing something is bettering myself, even if tat something ends up not being that much. I’m writing this post while peddling away on the bike. Just a moment — I have to shed a layer… That’s better. I had four layers on due to the temperature outside and I’m getting warmed up finally. My wrist is feeling achy and tight, as is my knee. I need to resume my hydration routine. That’s been off for quite some time, now, and I’ve changed medications, too, so I definitely need to figure that piece of my puzzle out again. There are a lot of puzzle pieces out of place in my life right now, and more falling apart daily. I wonder what it’s going to be today. Unfortunately, I have to make that a serious consideration in my life at the moment. Time’s up on the bike. Twelve minutes. Systems Check… Yep, still depressed. I did something about it, though.

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