Truth matters

Truth. When I think about truth, it definitely matters to me, and a good number of people, if asked, would probably say the same thing. Even liars don’t like to be lied to! Truth matters. It’s hard to distinguish what truth is sometimes in our current society full of politics and spin doctors, isn’t it. I think so, too. In climbing, truth matters. I find truth to be somewhat subjective when it comes to grading a route, but more concrete when describing dangerous features on the route. Does that mean that truth is a perception and not a reality? There are degrees of truth, just as there are degrees of honesty, and we, being perfectly fallible human beings with each our own perception of the world around is, have to accept that one person’s truth may differ from another’s. These differences can be slight or severe in nature, depending on who’s talking to whom. That’s the interesting thing about sentient beings — they can be completely honest in accordance with their own perceptions of the truth and still be called a liar by others who perceive the truth to be something else. Politics and religion come to mind, here. There are facts, though, to be had, and cold, hard facts without the hypotheses of how they got to be what they are help to ground us a bit better when it comes to truth. So, when called upon to prove your truth, draw upon fact and leave the beliefs on the sideline until a mutual respect has been developed. There is still a place for truth in the world. We just have to set aside our egos and our pride to make room for it!

One thought on “Truth matters

  1. In my one and only conversation with Jack Tackle, I asked him which of two routes was better.
    He paused for a second and said, “Well, the first one has an overhanging hand crack.”
    ‘nuf said,

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