The opportunity to sleep in

Well, this morning I had the opportunity to sleep in for the second morning in a row. This hasn’t happened in over seven months. So, do you think my body (and moreover my brain) would stay asleep past 0300 hrs in the morning? Of course not. I was up at 0244 hrs, wide awake. I’m writing this post at 0330 hrs and drinking a bottle of San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water because it’s become abundantly clear to me that I didn’t hydrate well enough yesterday in comparison to the amount of food I ate. Thanksgiving meal and leftovers…what can I say? I digress. I awoke from a dream that I was late for two appointments that were happening at the same time. Evidently these appointments were not mutually exclusive, because I was attempting to contact both offices and couldn’t understand how to get my phone to work. I really hate those kinds of dreams. They seem almost as real as the nightmares I have and I wake up feeling like I should be running out the door. Oh, well. I’ll just chill here and write a blog post instead. Thank goodness I can recognize that it was a dream and that the real urgency is in eating something small and containing enough protein to tie me over until breakfast at 0530 hrs or so. Otherwise, we may have a problem. Long story short, I’m awake for the day.

Today. Black Friday. When did we start this nonsense? We hardly even get Thanksgiving now. I feel like our lust for stuff has far exceeded out gratitude for who we have in our lives that we have the privilege of spending time with in favor of spending, instead, the almighty dollar. Bargains are great if they’re real, however taking the 500% mark-up instead of the 2000% mark-up when the out-of-season Mark-up is 25% is ridiculous. Make sure it’s really a good deal before you buy. Enough said.

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