Black Friday flop

I didn’t participate in Black Friday this year.  There were several very good reasons that I’ll elaborate on in a moment.  Let me just say that there are some great deals that I passed up, and it was difficult, but I can live without the stuff.  So here we go with the reasons.

  1. I think Black Friday has taken over Thanksgiving and replaced it to a large extent.  I like Thanksgiving.  I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my husband and my mom at my mom’s house yesterday and it was just perfect.  I can imagine that the conversation in most households consisted of which store they were going to hit first for the early Black Friday deals, but ours didn’t consist of that at all.  Black Friday was mentioned once, and in reference to the fact that we weren’t doing it.
  2. It snowed a lot, and it’s going to snow even more.  The streets are slick, there are plenty of accidents, and I don’t think that the stores and their supposed deals are worth all that dangerous driving, much less the fist fights that could ensue over things of material worth and nothing more.  I withdrew my bid from that kind of behavior long, long ago.
  3. It’s cold outside.  I don’t particularly want to get sick standing in line outside a store waiting for a limited-stock item that might not even be there by the time I get in the door.  I’m over it.  I’m really over it.
  4. I get to spend the day with my husband, which I haven’t done in a long time.  It’s nice to spend time with him and I’m enjoying it.  We’re just having a normal day together.  Those can be so rare sometimes!

So, nobody’s telling you that you can’t go Black Friday shopping or anything here.  Go, if you want to.  If you don’t want to go, then don’t.  Save your money.  The stuff will still be there, and January isn’t that far off.  I guarantee those prices will drop in January!

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