I just can’t live without climbing

I’ve discovered something about myself in the last week or so, or perhaps I should say I’ve rediscovered it. I just can’t live without climbing. I don’t know how I ever did. If I’m not climbing, I’m not really living! I haven’t really lived in a week, and it’s terribly painful and lonely. My wrist injury and the much older ankle injury need climbing to remain strong, as well. Without climbing, they’ll soon be so weak that I’ll have to wear a brace on both again, and not just on my wrist. I’ll be dumb as mud and my problem-solving abilities will fall out the window without climbing. I need to climb. I just do better when I climb. I have many crises going on in my life right now, and all could be downgraded if I went climbing. It won’t happen today, unfortunately, but I’m aiming for tomorrow!

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