I’ve spent a lot of time with my nephews this last week and I’ve decided that I really hate adulting. All I see in my nephews’ eyes and actions is love and wonderment at the world around them. When do we, as adults, lose that? And why? Adulting is full of bank statements and work schedules and contracts that bind for 30 years or more. Adulting is stressful and worrisome and oppressive. We lose our ability to see past the bills and the pressures and the perceived reputations of ourselves and others. My nephew Squiggle Bug was watching the “nature cows” (deer) out the back sliding door with my brother this morning and was perfectly content sitting there and watching these beautiful creatures with his dad as the sun came up. During our time adulting, when do we actually sit down with someone we love and watch the beauty of nature or appreciate that we are free to do so? How often do we stop to watch the sunrise or play a game or spend time with our loved ones like a child does, desiring only that person’s presence to share the moment with? Adulting gets in the way of a lot of spectacular and meaningful moments we could be having each and every day. We could greatly enrich our lives by being a little more childlike again — a little more loving, a little more forgiving, and a little less serious about ourselves and our stuff. After all, we have one life, and only one. So let’s stop being drones and go climb mountains! LIVE LIFE!

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