A stressful day

I honestly thank God for my psychiatrist! He’s helped me through a lot and is continually there for me to get me to see the therapeutic advantage of just about any stressor that I might have, and I have a lot of them! PTSD is no joke, and neither are Depression and Anxiety! God, ultimately, is responsible for all the goodness in the world, and I thank Him regularly for the Doc. I appreciate my life more now than I used to, and feel valued because the Lord has put people in my life to help me through.

Today has been particularly stressful. I’ve let it get to me. I haven’t gone climbing for a week, which isn’t good, but I’ve been busy helping my family out, mostly playing with my nephews and keeping them occupied to provide the other adults with some relief. I love my nephews Squiggle Bug and Fuzzle Bit! They help me get rid of some stress, too. How can you not be happy playing with a two and a half year old? Or a five month old with a piranha tooth? I forget about my problems when I’m playing with them, at least. I think it’s time to go play…

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