Thank goodness there’s no Common Core Climbing!

I was shown a video on how to do a simple multiplication problem using the Area Model Method used in Common Core Math here in the US. Thank the Good Lord that I’m old enough that I learned real math the old way! I can’t believe the school system has to teach this malarkey! No wonder we have issues with people paying the system to doctor test scores for university admissions! Look at how we have to teach simple math now! This is absolutely ridiculous! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it! I’m truly disappointed in our educational system and our government’s decision to make this system teach Common Core anything! I’ve noticed that they’re rewriting history, too, or attempting to! My history teacher, God rest his soul, is likely rolling over in his grave! I was just envisioning what Common Core Climbing would look like, and thank goodness such a thing doesn’t exist!

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