Living arrangements

Well, it was official on 08 Nov 2019.  My brother and sister-in-law closed on a different house.  It was built around the time I was born, which is around the time my mom’s house was built (within a few years).  As I understand it, it’s a ranch-style house with a big shop that sits on 2.5 acres or so of land.  Sounds like a nice gig!  What does that mean for us, though?  I’m going to miss Squiggle Bug and Fuzzle Bit.  Not that I can’t go visit, I’m sure.  And what of our living arrangements here?  Well, the cool part is that my brother and sister-in-law are willing to let us do a contract-for-deed agreement, where we would take over the payments of the house and all that goes with it and it would be ours at the end of the whole affair.  I really don’t want to move.  My husband and I both want some land, but that can be done at a later date.  What are our options with this situation that we have?  Well, let’s list them.  One thing we could do is have the whole house to ourselves (more space!) and modify a few things to connect the two apartments so that we wouldn’t have to go outside proper to get between them.  That’s one option.  A second option would be to move into the upstairs and rent the basement as furnished to help with the payments.  We would have total control over who we rented to in the basement, but then we’d have the space issue still, yet, and again.  A third option would be to rent the upstairs and remain in the basement apartment.  One of my dreams is to be able to live in a place where I can see sunlight, though, and I don’t get much sunlight in the basement.  I’ve lived in a basement for 15 years.  I think it’s time I got a little bit of sunlight!

I like the first option that I listed.  Having the whole house to ourselves would be fantastic!  We could live upstairs and have our projects and storage downstairs.  It would take a bit of modification, but we could make a split-level type structure out of it with just a few boards and a few steps in the back stairwell.  We’d have a double garage for my husband to expand his projects and work and tools into.  We’d have a sunroom!  I could bask in the sunlight inside where it’s warm and read or study or draw or paint or do whatever I wanted to do in the sunlight!  We could have hanging plants!  There’s a lot we could do with the whole house to ourselves.  And the best part is that we would have a house at the end of the whole thing!  It would require a fair bit of maintenance, but my husband and I could take care of the things that need taken care of for the most part.  My husband IS a handyman, after all!  The is in a really good location for our purposes medically, and although it has some issues, at least we know what those issues are.  It’s better than stepping into a different house not having any idea what the sellers are hiding or covering up or not telling you about, or what might go wrong that even they don’t know about.  We’ll see how this all plays out, but I like the idea really well!

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