Wired different

Climbers. We’re just wired different. The things that scare the living daylights out of most people draw us in like moths to the flame, and we consider a bad day any day that we don’t get to stare fear in the eye and laugh as we climb up something steep just because it’s there and issues us its challenge by its mere existence in the world. We get a kick out of being at least 16 feet off the deck holding on, with or without a rope, with our hands and our feet to mere nubs on either a piece of plastic indoors or a crystal of limestone or some other type rock outdoors. Maybe we have a crash pad. Maybe we have someone belaying us? Or maybe we don’t have anything of the sort. We climb up, we climb down, we climb sideways, but we always dream of climbing. Balance, technique, and strength come together to hold us on that wall, whatever it is, and we scale it. We ascend anything we can, and attempt those things that don’t come immediately until we can. We have a tenacity, a determination, a stubbornness that gravity can not overcome forever. Gravity? What’s that? That’s what climber’s say on a good day. On a challenging day, it might be a “high gravity day”, but that doesn’t stop us. Instead, it spurs us on, forcing us to crank out the best in ourselves for the potential ascent. Yeah, we’re wired different. And yeah, we’re proud of that.

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