Well, at 0400 hrs, I looked at the thermometer and it read -6 degrees. With the wind chill, it dropped to -20 degrees. Happy Veterans Day! As I surveyed the road and the snow that had fallen, it was very clear that I would not be going anywhere in my truck today. When it warms up to a balmy 10 degrees, I should go outside and shovel the step and the driveway. We’ll see how fast it warms up. Then there’s the matter of that scheduled three-hour power outage today, beginning at 1000 hrs. Great timing, guys… It sounds like the whole town is going to be without power. Hopefully it’s only for three hours. Around here, we usually prepare for those times to be at least doubled… I do sincerely hope that they get it done in the amount of time that they said they would need to get it done, or sooner! It’s okay, though. I’m fully prepared to spend the whole day bundled up inside. As long as nothing inside freezes, I’ll be happy. I fed the cats, so now they’re happy-er, and the day will be okay. I’m going to keep believing that, haha!

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