Climbing can’t be beat!

I decided to go climbing this morning, even though I didn’t get to the climbing gym until 0900 hrs. Normally, I get there at 0600 hrs. I got to the gym late, but better late than never! I haven’t been climbing for a few weeks, so my warm-ups served as my actual workout this morning. I discovered that my injured left wrist and thumb are reliably predicting the approaching cold weather system by aching badly despite the tape job. Once I began climbing, though, the pain disappeared. Nothing beats climbing! The short and sweet of it for me, despite my osteoarthritis and my various injuries is that climbing can’t be beat!

As I take a break before the light show begins tonight, a celebration of the new climbing gym’s second birthday, I contemplate what I want to attempt this afternoon before all the people get here. Climbing Under The Lights should be a blast!

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