Stake Conference weekend

I took a hiatus from my blog for Stake Conference, but I’m back, now.  One of the Area Seventies, Elder Brian L. Rawson from Wichita, Kansas, came and met with some of the members and then spoke at our conference sessions.  I was one of the members with whom Elder Rawson spoke, and he had excellent counsel for me.  He was such a terrific fellow, very personable, and very wise.  He and the Stake President even gave me a blessing!  I felt very humbled by the experience and very grateful that I had been one of the ones chosen for a visit with these two men.

In other news, the power at my mom’s house (and most of Park City, MT) has been out for eight and a half hours and just came on five minutes ago.  Yes, it was dark, cold, and generally unpleasant, but calling multiple times gets things done, I believe.  I called the power company twice to get an estimate on how long it would be and the first time, they had no idea.  Three hours later, I called again, and they told me it would be “a few more hours” because they had an underground lineman working on the problem, but they promised that they wouldn’t leave until the problem was fixed.  Well, somebody must’ve really screwed up because the power was off for a long time!  I’ve had my head torch for climbing on for at least three and a half hours in the pitch black because the streetlights weren’t even on!  Kind of fun, but not by yourself…

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