Today is supposed to be better

Everyone says that tomorrow will be a better day when you’re struggling and stressed out. Okay. So it’s tomorrow at 0517 hrs in the morning. I don’t feel better. My problems haven’t magically solved themselves and gone away. I’m still worried and frustrated and stressed and really a wreck all around. My medication changes haven’t settled in yet. So what’s better about tomorrow?

Now, before I call people who say that liars, I’m going to touch upon a few things that they may be thinking when they say that tomorrow will be better. First of all, there’s a reasonable chance that you’re going to get some sleep. Sleep helps. Next, you may gain some perspective on the situation (your life) and become enlightened to a solution or two. Third, you may be one day closer to your appointment with your doctor or a trusted friend. Fourth, time in and of itself may heal or otherwise slowly take care of the problem. So today is supposed to be better. We’ll see…

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