Looks like a blizzard to me!

More snow. Lots of it. With a wind that’s blowing it and my truck sideways on the slick icy roadway. Home safe now in Park City, but I don’t know that my mom should try getting here from Billings an hour from now. The temperature is dropping rapidly and the snow isn’t getting any lighter. Park City is supposed to get a lot more than Billings. Winter Weather Warnings and all considered, I called her and told her she might want to stay in tonight. She’s going to let me know in a bit. The interstate is a big sheet of ice again, but at least most people were slowing down. Most… I got to try out my merino wool Buff hat. It’s nice and warm. Just the way I like it! It’s an oversized beanie, and I love the look, too. Overall, I have to say that I made a good purchase buying that hat. It got to me just in time for me to use it!

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