My new project

I found a boulder problem that is worthy of projecting with good odds of successful ascent. I named it “Next Level Stem Cell” because is a rather intriguing stemming problem across a shallow dihedral with what I perceive to be many opportunities to palm the wall while using the thin footholds and slits to make my way to the top of the wall. I’m excited about it because I know I can send it. It’s going to be a redpoint, but that’s okay. I’m trying to expand my repertoire, and I actually like stemming routes and problems. I was first introduced to stemming on my first outdoor route on the sandstone Rims with AJ belaying me. It was an epic battle, but I won the day, and I’ll never forget it! That little 5.5 route taught me so much! It was, in retrospect, a test of my mettle, and I passed.

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