Topos this morning

This morning, my friend McKenzie was opened the climbing gym.  I visited with her and we caught up on what’s happening in our circle of friends.  I got to thinking that I hadn’t seen Emily in a while, so I texted her and she and I are going to have lunch at 1100 hrs on Sunday.  That should be fun.  I haven’t gotten to spend time with Em in what seems like forever!  I got my Katanas, my chalk bag, my iPad, and my drink out, and went up the stairs to BoulderLand.  It was freezing up there!  It was a good thing that I hadn’t taken my flannel shirt off and had my sleeveless exercise hoody on underneath it over the top of a third t-shirt as a base layer.  I didn’t know I was going to be going to the Arctic Circle this morning!  I was very surprised not to find penguins and polar bears up there!  That’s because nothing lives where it’s that cold!

I couldn’t warm up, so I decided to go with what my buddy Lou told me to do and draw out some topos of a few boulder problems that were set up there that I had sent.  I focused on two V2 problems that I had sent up there, drawing them carefully – every hold and its angle and its position on the wall – until I was reasonably satisfied with my drawings.  I didn’t fill in the beta.  I figure I’ll take some photos of my topos later and post them to the MyClimb Team Challenge page on FaceBook and see what they think.  I’ll post the spray later, after they’ve had a chance to look at the topos and come up with their own beta.  I don’t imagine they like spray any more than I do, unless I ask for it specifically.

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