Had a great day of climbing with T!

“T”, one of my best climbing buddies, asked if I wanted to go climbing today.  Of course!  We met at the climbing gym at 1000 hrs and I showed him the new Ten Sleep guidebook that I’d gotten.  The war going on down in Ten Sleep over manufactured holds and routes has been a hot topic for those of us in the region.  T looked it over while I got a few magazines from McKenzie.  The new “Gym Climber” magazine came and they sent plenty for me to have a couple of them, so I gladly accepted.  I checked for the two most important things in the magazine – the Lowa Rocket climbing shoe ad and the new MyClimb logo in the MyClimb App ad.  Both were there, so I was satisfied with the magazine.

Now, to climbing.  T and I went upstairs and bouldered for a couple of hours until the birthday parties started, and then we headed down to the lead wall, where several sections of bouldering problems from the comp were still up.  T is a really good climber and he worked away at all the hard problems while I conquered some new territory, albeit at lower grades.  After bouldering for about three hours, we decided to go have lunch before T had to get his oil in his truck changed.

We went to a restaurant called “Five On Black”, which has some excellent cuisine at reasonable prices.  It’s actually healthy, and T bought lunch for me there.  I loved it.  I had the brown rice with tilapia, black beans, mango barbecue sauce, and cilantro, topped with a nice little cheese bread roll.  A small bowl was plenty for me and was not only delicious, but satisfying.  It’s my new favorite restuarant!

Seeing my friend T and getting to spend some time with him really made my day.  I’m having a great day so far and I hope that it continues on that way.  I got some good exercise and climbing in, good conversation, and good food.  Life can be so simple sometimes, and I love it when my life is simply happy like it has been today.  So, T, if you’re reading this, thank you for the great day and let’s do it again soon!  Take care, my friend, and have a great day yourself!

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