Working on my novel prep

I’ve worked on my novel prep in a workbook I got for several days straight now, and things are starting to flow for me – I mean creative things are really starting to flow!  I’m so glad!  I was afraid that I wouldn’t have any ideas and that I would get stuck before I even got started, and I really freaked out about the whole thing.  I don’t know why.  I blog almost every day (well, I try to blog every day) with different ideas.  It’s not like I can’t use my imagination and be creative.  Climbing is, of course, going to have a place in it.  Even though it’s fiction, I can’t exclude the climbing aspect.  That would be a cardinal sin!  So, working on the prep part of my novel is going well at the moment.  I just hope I don’t get writer’s block or get off track.  Hopefully it all comes together naturally for me in a coherent manner.  It’s a matter of telling the reader what I want them to know about my characters without giving away everything and letting them figure some of it out on their own.  I like doing that through dialogue.  Anyway, things are going well.  Updates pending!

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