Well, the blizzard is over, I think

Thankfully, the “Blizzard of ’19” wasn’t a genuine blizzard.  The wind came in before the snow did, and the snow didn’t measure up to the pile that the meteorologists thought it was going to.  It was just our first real snow.  That means that we have our first real ice, our first real idiots-on-snow-driving moments, our first there-aren’t-any-sandbags-for-sale-yet frustrations, and the like.  Nothing major.  Thankfully!  It is really cold, though.  We’re going to be setting some records for nighttime lows tonight.  It’s supposed to warm up tomorrow, though, and we should have a few autumn days to enjoy before Construction Season ends and Winter truly begins.  We are in Montana, after all!

I have been working on my novel and house-sitting for my mom while she stays in Billings and watches my brother’s two boys.  I have to admit that it’s been kind of nice not to be able to go anywhere or do anything because the weather’s been crummy and cold and dangerous.  I rather like being able to have some time to myself!  San Pellegrino sparkling natural mineral water and I are making tremendous headway studying Latin, writing in my NaNoWriMo workbook in preparation for November, and generally staying out of trouble…  It’s great!  I can even take naps whenever I want to!  Score!!!

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